Thursday, July 02, 2009

July 2, 2009

Hi folks. Well, it's still nice and toasty here, although the weathermen are threatening that the sunny weather will break tomorrow and there will be flash floods... just in time for Charlie's class trip to the beach. What fun that's going to be tomorrow - trudging around a beach in the rain, with 30 miserable children!
His teacher has started clearing the walls of the classroom in preparation for the end of term, and yesterday he brought home the picture below... it was taken on his first day at school and has been on the wall all year, along with photos of all his friends. He looks to have grown up such a lot in the past year. I can't believe Reception is almost at an end.I spoke to Dad this morning - he's feeling fine at the moment. Although I believe the first cycle of chemo generally leaves people feeling slightly better than subsequent cycles, it's still good news that he's feeling pretty ok. One cycle down - five to go.
Also, I've just heard another update on Charlie's heart friend, Archie. Up to yesterday, he was doing really well - still on ICU on a small amount of oxygen, but out of bed in a chair, watching DVDs and smiling at his mum. However, today the news is not so good. He has been really struggling to breathe, even on 15litres of O2, his sats are dropping and he has just been taken back to theatre to have some more chest drains put in. It's so hard to think of him struggling so much, and it must be a total nightmare for his mum and dad. Keep fighting Archie - we're all thinking of you.
No more news for now - I'll let you know how the beach trip goes tomorrow!

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