Wednesday, July 01, 2009

July 1, 2009 (continued!!)

Another really quick update - Dad had his chemo this afternoon, and so far, so good.
He was able to watch Wimbledon while he was having the infusion - which was a good start!
He had been warned that he may have burning pain in his arm as the drugs went in - but he didn't. He was also warned that he may start to feel poorly on his way home - but he didn't. I spoke to him an hour ago, and he was sounding pretty perky!
We know that he may well start to feel worse before he feels better, and we've been warned that the treatment could make him very tired, but we're hanging onto the positives we've got! I think Dad feels much better now he's actually started the treatment, and the dreaded 'chemo' is no longer a total unknown.
He goes back in three weeks for his next cycle.
It was Charlie's turn to bring the school teddy 'Bernard' home tonight - here's a pic of Chas and Bernard sharing an ice lolly to cool down! (He's looking so grown up all of a sudden... not to mention tanned(ish!) and healthy to boot!)

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