Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 21, 2009

It's still raining. If this is July, I dread to think what August has in store. It's certainly playing havoc with Charlie's plans for the summer holiday!
We did have a bit of excitement yesterday though - you might remember a couple of posts ago I included some pictures of Chas in a fire engine... well, when he sitting in the fire engine, we were talking to one of the firemen, who asked if we'd like some free new smoke alarms, funded by the Welsh Assembly. Well - I'm always game for something for nothing, so we said ok, and thought no more about it.
Anyway, yesterday morning the doorbell rang and when we opened the door there was a fire engine on our drive, and a crew of firemen who had come to fit our new smoke alarms. Needless to say, Charlie was thrilled to bits and was given a guided tour of the engine while the alarms were being fitted. He was allowed to turn on the flashing lights, beep the horn AND sound the sirens, which made his day! They also showed him the oxygen masks, and let him try on their helmets...
He and I are off to the safari park on Friday, to meet his heart friend Thomas and his mum. We're really looking forward to it, but hoping that it doesn't throw it down all day because the animals will all be hiding!
As I mentioned in a previous post, we found out last week who Charlie's new teacher will be next term - she's called Miss Bach. His current teacher had a long talk with her, and passed on all the printed information we'd given her about his heart.
Pete and I managed to grab five minutes with her on the last day of term, which was nice (although I must be getting very old, because she looked VERY young!) She seemed pretty on the ball with regards to Charlie's needs, so we'll wait to find out how he gets on when he goes back in September. He's very excited at the prospect of being a Year 1 pupil!
The two reception classes have been split and mixed up, so he's with some different children next year (although he was very peeved that he's STILL not with his friend Sam!) but he is still with his friend Reuben, which is nice, as they get on very well, and Reuben understands all about Charlie's special heart, and tailors the games they play accordingly.
Charlie's school report was phenomenal - we are so proud of how well he's done. He had great reports in every aspect of the curriculum, and is exceeding all the milestones that are expected of him. His teacher said he was 'very bright and mature' and that he has an excellent vocabulary. (I could have told you that - he never stops talking!) Reading, writing, maths skills, creative skills - everything is fab. He even got a great report for use of the Welsh language (which he definitely hasn't got from me!)
Pete's up in Halifax again today - we're still waiting for confirmation about his job - I think he's supposed to find out around the 28th.
Dad's going to the hospital today to speak with his consultant before his next chemo treatment tomorrow. His pain has been ramping up again this week, so I think he and mum are going to ask whether the medication needs tweaking again.
Anyway - I'd better fly because Charlie's got a birthday party to go to this afternoon, and he hasn't had any dinner yet!

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The Cryer Family said...

Well done on the report Charlie!! Please can you tell some nice firemen that we'd like new smoke alarms too...
We ARE old Ali - Tom's teacher looks about half our age!
Helen xxx