Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 18, 2009

(...And you thought I was joking about the
half-pint of water in his wellies!)
I really should go to bed, but I just thought I'd dash off a quick post before I hit the hay. I've got lots to update on Charlie's last few days at school (new teacher, school report etc etc) but I'm too tired to write it just now. I've been a bit under the weather all week - been feeling a bit coldy, snotty and tired - but no high temperature, so am hoping it's not the swine flu.
Charlie's enjoyed his first few days of school holidays - we've baked biscuits (note to self - Charlie scoffed three of them one after the other, so must make them again!), played shop, read loads of stories, done some work in the garden and played numerous different games, so we're having fun so far!
His little heart friend Archie is doing better now, thank goodness. After 25 days on ICU, Archie is finally back on the main ward. He's lost most of his wires and all of his chest drains now, but has quite a way to go on the road to recovery as he is still very weak. Needless to say though, we're thrilled that he's made such good progress. Keep up the good work Archie!
Dad is still doing ok. He's been pretty up and down this past week in terms of his pain (some days haven't been very good at all) but today was a good day, and he and mum were able to walk to the postbox at the end of their road and back again. His physio has given him a new stick to walk with, which helped a lot. Although it's probably only a 50-metre round trip, this is further than he's walked in weeks and weeks. He was pretty tired by the time he got back, but it was a big achievement, and I know it gave him and mum a boost.
It's hard in so many ways though, because Dad has always been so active.
It's desperately hard to see him in horrendous pain, and not to be able to do a thing about it, other than tell him that I wish it could be different.
It's also hard to see him struggle so much to walk to the end of the road, and I have to say, I miss my Dad the way he used to be.
But I think it's fair to say that Dad's probably missing his old self quite a bit too.
My main memories of him from my childhood are of him climbing mountains with us, walking miles (usually with me on his shoulders!), and always being busy doing something - painting, DIY (and I don't just mean hammering in the odd nail - I mean fitting central heating from scratch and putting in entire new kitchens and bathrooms!), gardening, fixing the car... so we're all having to adjust to our 'new normal'.
I guess after all these years, it's about time that Pete and I mowed his lawn and put up shelves for him... instead of the other way round!
Dad has an appointment with his consultant next week, and his second dose of chemo the following day, so we're all hoping it goes well.
I really must go to bed - unfortunately Charlie's not yet of the age where a weekend automatically means a lie-in until 11am. (Can't complain though - he'll usually stay in bed until 8ish - but my days of staying in bed until noon are long gone!)
Just time to say Many Happy Returns! to Ellie, my eldest brother's younger daughter who turned 17 today, and took to the roads for her first driving lesson! I really must be getting old - it only seems a minute since I was pushing her around the garden in a little plastic car... and now she's out and about in the real thing. So Happy Birthday Ellie!
I'll be back soon with the end-of-term post I've been promising. (It's not that exciting, honestly, so don't bother holding your collective breath!)

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