Thursday, July 09, 2009

July 9, 2009

Hi all - no news really, just felt like I hadn't written anything for a bit! I read so many other blogs, full of profound, meaningful writing, but mine's just full of day-to-day ramblings, updates on the weather, and random panics over Charlie's upcoming surgery. Hey ho - I suppose you're used to me by now.
First and foremost, here are a couple of pics of Charlie at a fun-day fundraiser for a local hospice at the weekend. He was so pleased to have a turn sitting in a 'real' fire engine! He looks quite serious and grown-up on the one below, doesn't he!
He's on full-scale wind-down to the end of term now - I don't know how much work is getting done at school at the moment! I can't wait until he breaks up though - we've got so many fun things planned for the holidays.
Pete's taking next Thursday morning off work, and he and I are going to watch the new Harry Potter film at the cinema. What a treat! I can't remember the last time we went to the cinema on our own... I think it might have been for the last Harry Potter film, actually. How sad is that? I'm really looking forward to it though!
I've got another treat coming up at the beginning of next month too - I'm off to a posh spa for a day of pampering with one of my best friends. She lives a fair way away, so we don't get to meet up that often, so I'm foreseeing a day of luxury... and lots and lots of talking!
We're still waiting for official news of whether Pete's safe in his job or not. Hopefully we should hear by the end of this month. It'll be good to know where we stand.
Charlie's heart friend, Archie, whom I mentioned a few posts ago, is still battling on. He's had a really rough ride, and is still ventilated on ICU, although he is stable, and seems to be improving slowly. He's responding to his mum and dad, and is being such a brave little soldier. His parents must be worn to a frazzle by now - it's stressful enough just hearing all that's going on, never mind living through it. We're all hoping that Archie carries on improving, and can get back onto the ward, and then back home very soon.
My Dad is still feeling pretty ok - he had a visit from a physio today, who is hoping to get him more mobile, which would be good. He has his next chemo the week after next. I don't know how long it will be before the doctors can assess how well it is working.
I think that's about it for now - the only other thing going on in my life at present is that I'm counting the days until my mobile phone contract expires, so I can get myself one of the fab new iPhones! My nieces were showing me their iPhones the other day, and I think I'm in love! Proper internet access so I can blog on the go! Fabulous little applications to tell me all manner of useless things that I really don't need to know, but can't possibly live without! How cool is that! (I know, I know - I'm just a sad gadget fan - I do love little technological things that I can play with! I'm still trying to persuade myself that I REALLY need a netbook so I can sit on the sofa to blog, rather than at the computer desk!)
Apologies for the totally random blog post - I really have delayed doing the housework for long enough, and the kitchen won't clean itself, so I must away! Hmmm. Now that would be a good invention - the self-cleaning kitchen. Maybe I could follow it up with the self-ironing clothes, and the self-hoovering carpet...

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