Friday, July 10, 2009

July 10, 2009

Charlie was very excited today - it was the school summer fete AND he was Helpwr Heddiw! (I'm sure I've explained Helpwr Heddiw before, but for the uninitiated, it means 'Helper Today' in Welsh, and entitles the lucky child to collect and hand out the dinner money purses, take the register to the office AND wear a dragon sticker, so everyone knows just how helpful they are!)
Yesterday afternoon Charlie came out of school and heard me discussing with another mum how she hadn't had chance to make cakes for the school fete because she had run out of eggs... cue Charlie pleading to make some cakes for the fete 'so we can go and buy them back afterwards'. Hmmm.
Well - as regular readers will know, domestic creativity doesn't come easy to me, but I'm not too bad at cakes, so Chas and I headed off to Tesco to pick up the necessary supplies. (You see, I'm not one of those mums who has flour and caster sugar in the house, because I only make one cake a year - for Charlie's birthday!)
Chas is getting so good at cooking now - he did a fab job of weighing and mixing all the ingredients. He particularly likes the electric mixer (unfortunately, his favourite thing is to lift the beaters out of the mixture while they're still turned on, and splatter batter all round the kitchen!)
However, I'm afraid I'm not very good at letting Chas do the decorating, because it has to be 'just so'! So I palmed him off with the leftover icing and sugar flowers to eat, and set about decorating our cakes. And here's the end result...
Not bad for an hour's work, eh! (The coloured icing wasn't quite that bright in reality!) Even more satisfying was being told that our big cake was the first one sold (as a birthday cake, no less!) and then to see loads of kids marching around the school field scoffing our fairy cakes.
We had to run to the cake stall pretty pronto though, because Charlie wanted to buy one of the blue fairy cakes for himself - he was very miffed at the Christmas fair last year that we were too late to buy one of our Christmas biscuits (in spite of the fact we had a whole tin of them back at home!) I have to admit, blue icing and a heart child are not my ideal combo - poor Chas was attacked with baby wipes every five minutes, just so I could make sure it was the icing turning his mouth blue - not something more sinister!
I think I could get to like this cake decorating lark - maybe I'll try and do a course one of these days. The only problem is, if I bake cakes, we end up eating them all!
Chas also won a goldfish at the fete, by throwing some ping-pong balls into a jam jar. He was very proud of himself and brought his new fish home to put in our little tank. His best friend Sam won a fish too, and decided to give it to Charlie, because they don't have a tank to put it in - and his mum wasn't too thrilled at the prospect of having to go and buy one! So Sam will be dropping round later to check his fish is settling in ok in his new home!
Chas was also tickled pink to get a ride on a pony - he's asked a few times if he could learn to ride, and there's a stables not far from here, but I need to check if riding is recommended for him. I think he'd be fine at the moment, but I think it could potentially be a problem once he's on warfarin because it's quite a long way to fall from a horse's back!
That's about it for now - it's felt like a long week this week, so we're very glad it's the weekend!

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