Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11, 2009

Hi again - this is only a really quick post because it's late and I'm tired!
We had a brilliant weekend - we didn't tell Charlie where we were taking him on Saturday, but we were teasing him mercilessly by dropping very unsubtle hints about the Teletubbies all morning! Poor Chas was did so well trying to sound like he really wanted to visit the Teletubbies, while asking plaintively 'But don't you think I'm maybe a little bit big for the Teletubbies now?...'
Ooh - we're so mean!
Anyway - we were really taking him to the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Somerset, which would have been pretty interesting in its own right... but this weekend they were hosting a Dalek Invasion! And you know how much Charlie likes Dr Who!
Mum spotted the advertisement in her local paper, and we were so glad she did, because he had an absolutely wonderful day.
They had asked kids to go in fancy dress, so we sneaked his Cyberman costume into the car so he could wear it when we got there. There were lots of kids (and a worryingly large number of grown-ups!) dressed up as the Doctor and other characters, but I think Chas was the only one dressed up as a Cyberman.
The event was really well organised, and there were so many of his favourite characters there - including a couple of the old-style Cybermen, who were rather taken with our little Cyberboy!There was even a look-and-sound-alike for Dr Who - not really my cup of tea (I'd have preferred David Tennant himself!) but Charlie didn't seem bothered that he wasn't 'quite' right!
There were loads of daleks roaming about, several shows to watch, as well as dalek craft activities. We wandered around loads of Dr Who stalls (super handy for early birthday and Christmas shopping for Chas!)
Charlie even got the chance to look inside a proper dalek costume, and tried out a microphone to make him sound like one too.
He was totally blown away by the whole day - it's so much fun taking him to things that I know he'll really love!
It was Mum's birthday on Sunday, and Charlie was up bright and early to ring Nanny and say Happy Birthday. We went to visit them in the afternoon to deliver her presents. My sister made her a cake (and if you look really hard you might be able to make out which birthday Mum was celebrating!)
She had a netbook from Dad, and was so pleased with his present. She has never so much as touched a computer, but she's doing so well already - I'm really proud of her! So far, she's ventured onto the internet, has called me on Skype and has even sent and received emails! She's even checked out Charlie's blog! In fact, she might even be reading this... so, 'Hi Mum!'
Mum has always liked her gadgets (I guess that's where I get it from!) and she's already a dab hand with her mp3 player, Nintendo DS and texting! I guess she really is a true silver surfer now!
Dad was feeling good on her birthday, which made it even nicer. In fact, the past three or four days, he's felt pretty good all round, which is fab. He was at the hospital today, to have his pre-chemo bloods checked again, and he'll be having his third bout of chemo tomorrow - so he'll be half way through his course.
Yesterday, Charlie and I headed up to the chocolate factory in Birmingham to meet up with his cousin Joe and Joe's mum, Kerry.
Joe is eight months older than Chas, and the boys had a really nice time together. (Aunty Kerry and I had fun too - you can't beat a good chat AND free chocolate!) Another real bonus is that Charlie has now decided he doesn't mind the odd bit of Dairy Milk chocolate - hurrah! A few more easy calories I can sneak into him!
I've posted a few pics below of the Dalek Day and Charlie and Joe at the factory...

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