Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hi all - just thought you might like to see these pics from today.
Chas was invited to a Teddy Bear's Picnic, and had to take a teddy bear in fancy dress. Not TOO hard to guess what he wanted to dress his teddy as...
Half a roll of tinfoil and a Cyberman mask later... meet Cyber-teddy!

We're off to see my sister tomorrow - she and her family live by the sea, so Charlie has his bucket and spade and his new kite ready to take with him. There's an old-fashioned steam fair on the sea front at the moment, along with a big ferris wheel. So with all that, plus some donkey rides on the beach and fun with Aunty Fifi and co - Charlie's looking forward to a fun day!
We're also off to London in a few days - Pete's working down there, and Chas and I are hitching a ride! We're hoping to fit in a few museums, an open-top bus tour and an enormous toy shop, among other things!
Watch this space!
Here's a pic of Chas hugging Cyber-teddy - please don't look at the state of Charlie's face - he'd just finished his tea and I hadn't attacked him with a babywipe!PS Dad had his third lot of chemo yesterday. He felt pretty sick and rotten on the way home from the hospital, but after a bit of a rest when he got home, he's been feeling pretty ok since, which is fab news. He and mum had their new kitchen table and chairs delivered today, and Dad even felt up to putting them together, which is great. It's good that Dad's halfway through his treatment - we're not quite on the home strait, but we're getting there. His consultant is planning a CT scan sometime soon, to see how things are going.

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