Sunday, September 06, 2009

An afternoon at the park...

Well, it stopped raining for a bit this afternoon, so we grabbed Charlie's bike and headed for the park. (We had to stop en route to pick up a new cycle helmet for him, because he tried his old one on, and it perched on top of his head like a flower pot... so he's now the proud owner of a smart Spiderman helmet!)
He had a lovely time pottering around the park, and had so much fun on the swing - he's figured out how to propel himself properly, without being pushed, so he was very proud of himself. We really need to do something with his swing in our garden, because it's not concreted into the floor, so if he starts swinging too hard, it starts taking off.
We've had a nice, mellow weekend, and he's very excited to be going back to school again tomorrow, especially because his friend Sam is coming home with us for a bit after school, as his mum has an appointment. Even more exciting is the fact that Sam's coming for tea the week after - so Chas is already counting the days!
Charlie's having a 24-hour holter monitor done on Tuesday, to see what's going on with his intermittent heart block. His appointment to have it fitted is at 9.10am, so hopefully he shouldn't be too late getting to school. I'll just have to pop into the classroom when I drop him off to explain it all to his new teacher - just in case any of the electrodes peel off. Hopefully we'll be able to get the monitor attached to a belt like we did last time, so there's no risk of Charlie dropping it down the toilet!
It's Will's birthday on Wednesday. I can't believe he'd be seven... it doesn't seem like seven years since I held my eldest son for the first time. He'd be so big if he was here with us now.
Pete's got the day off - we always like to do something nice to remember Will, and the day he made us parents for the first time. Charlie's chosen a Spiderman cake for his big brother, and we'll be taking some flowers to the churchyard when Charlie finishes school.
Although we wish so much that Will could have been with us for longer, in one way, it's good that he arrived and left on the same day - we can't really feel sad about the day he died, because it was also the day we met him for the first time... a day we wouldn't have missed for the world.
That's about it for now - enjoy the park pics!

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