Tuesday, September 08, 2009

September 8, 2009

Hi folks. I suddenly realised that I've mentioned Charlie's holter monitor quite a few times, but have never actually shown you what's involved.

As you can see, Charlie finds the whole experience very upsetting and distressing... not!
He was as good as gold when he had the monitor fitted first thing this morning - he's been a bit edgy about the sticky electrodes before, since his elastoplast trauma when he had his cardiac catheter... but he didn't mind at all today, and even held his shirt out of the way for the ECG technician, and laughed all the way through because she was tickling him!
We did, however, have to make a return trip to the ECG department after school, because he and the other kids had a dance lesson, and the sticky bit on every single one of his electrodes had ripped off, so they were only just hanging onto his skin! Second time round the technician used the heavy-duty stickers we've had previously, and so far they're staying put!
(I hope they remember to write down that there were problems with the stickers, or they'll think he had some seriously funny heart rhythms going on!)
That's it for now - it's late and I'm off to bed! Back soon.

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Jennifer said...

Just write down when he had the problems with the stickers .. that way if something does pop up at that time, you'll have documentation to back up that it was malfunction of the stickers and not a malfunction of Charlie.