Friday, October 02, 2009

October 2, 2009

Hi folks - not much news really, but I was just conscious that I haven't written for a few days.
I really can't believe October is here already (I know, I know, I say the same thing every time we go into a new month) but this year has really flown by.
It's only a month until Charlie will be six - he's getting pretty excited about his birthday, and the games he wants to play at his party. And I still have to get my head around making another Dalek birthday cake!
Today is 'Jeans for Genes' day - the children at Charlie's school are paying £1 to go to school in their jeans instead of their uniforms, and the money raised goes to genetic research at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Charlie's wearing his jeans and a lovely bright green, hand-made, cable-knit jumper. My sister knows an elderly lady who really enjoys knitting (she knocked out this latest jumper in less than four days, start to finish) but doesn't have anyone to knit for... until my sister told her how much I love hand-knits! Charlie loves his cosy jumpers and I'm making the most of it before he turns round and tells me he wants a hoodie or a football shirt instead! (You'll have to excuse the slightly blurry photo - I took it with my phone after a certain five-year-old was playing with it, and didn't realise that there was Milky Bar smeared all over the lens until afterwards!)
It's book week at school next week - yes, I'm already tearing my hair out, because there's a fancy dress day on Thursday. I've been planning what to do with Charlie this year (remember my cop-out Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fancy dress last year?) Anyway, Charlie's got a brilliant doctor outfit, and a book all about going to hospital for a heart operation, so I thought we were done and dusted.
Then we had a letter from school. The theme for this year's Book Week is 'World Harvest', and children must go dressed as a 'character, fruit or vegetable from around the world.'
What? I have no clue what to send him as. Any and all ideas gratefully received (especially those that require no sewing!)
Watch this space - I'll let you know what we come up with!


The Cryer Family said...

That jumper is pretty good - just find some green trousers and he could be a pea, runner bean, French bean, cabbage - whatever you want really! (Can you tell I come from the minimal-effort school of thought?)

The Cryer Family said...

Oh yeah - face paint him green too, then it looks like you put special effort in!!
(and I am only half joking about this!)