Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30, 2009

Hi folks. Just thought it was time for a quick update - life is totally manic at the moment - I don't think we've got a free day until some time in mid-January!
Charlie's gone off to school today with his African costume (I spent another hour or so last night sewing round all the seams again, because I'm so terrified he's going to put his foot straight through his trousers when he puts them on.)
He's pleasingly proud of his his costume, and is even more proud of the fact that I made it for him (which makes it all worthwhile!) He carried it into school this morning, and told everyone he passed: 'This is my costume AND my mum made it for me!'
Bless his little cotton socks.
The only problem now is that if and when it does fall apart during the play, I can't blame anyone else.
After school he's off to youth club with his shepherd costume for the Christmas presentation there. Pete and I get to watch both the school show AND the youth club show next Monday!
I really can't believe it's December tomorrow, and the festive madness really starts to take hold. We've got lots of stuff planned, so watch this space!

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barefootRhys said...

i have begun sewing again too. it's so much fun to do it for the kids. they love it (at least for now).

zaya likes to watch the needle go up and down on the machine and the seam that is sewn he calls a road. (: