Friday, December 04, 2009

December 4, 2009

Hi folks. Well it's been a busy old week, and Charlie is feeling very festive already. It was the first performance of his school play today - the dress rehearsal, actually - but the school hall is fairly small, and demand for tickets is high, so they throw the dress rehearsal open to the grandparents. Charlie was so thrilled that Nanny was able to go.
I picked her up yesterday (after our almost-final bank visit to sort out Dad's stuff) and she spent the night with us again last night. Once again, Charlie was over the moon to have Nanny there to read his bedtime story, and to be able to invade her bedroom early in the morning for cuddles and advent calendar-opening!
Mum and I went for a wander round the shops this morning and I dropped her at school in time for the play.
I was so pleased that she went, and so proud of her for going on her own. I was painfully aware that this time last year Dad had driven them both to watch the play, and I know Mum was too.
Mum found a place next to another grandma on her own, so it was nice for them to sit together and have a chat.
Pete and I haven't seen the play yet, it's our turn on Monday, but according to Mum, it's brilliant! She really enjoyed it and told Charlie that Grandpa would have loved it too. Although it's not a traditional nativity play, the true story of Christmas is told, which would have pleased my dad no end.
Charlie is SO excited - I'm blogging from the car (gotta love this iPhone!) on our way to an extremely exciting weekend. I won't say any more now, but will update with (hopefully) some lovely festive pictures soon.
It's Pete's birthday on Monday - he'll be 35 - so I can tease him about how ancient he is (until March, when I'll catch him up again!) Charlie and I have got him a pile of presents, and Charlie is guarding another bag of presents Nanny left for him too. Pete's got the day off work, so we're planning a leisurely morning, a birthday lunch, then Charlie's school play, then some birthday cake, and then it's the nativity play at Charlie's club (which is followed by coffee and mince pies!) Sounds like a fun birthday to me!
Life is totally manic from now on, but it's good to be busy. We're going to Birmingham next Friday to see Charlie's surgeon for the discussion about his surgery which we rearranged when Dad died.
In all honesty, I'm really not looking forward to it, but we're looking forward to the following day, when we're catching up with Charlie's cousin Joe and his mum, Kerry at a big science museum. Then the day after that we're meeting up with Charlie's heart friend Thomas again for a day of festive fun.
I'll keep you posted!
PS Please forgive me if there are gazillions of typos in this - much as I love my iPhone, it's not really conducive to accurate typing!

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