Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20, 2010

Hi folks.
Not much to report really, but I realised I hadn't posted for a few days, and I know how much I hate clicking on other people's blogs and finding there's STILL nothing new for me to read!
Charlie's been back at school all week this week, after the snow-interrupted fortnight before, although it's sleeting here now (and my mum has heavy snow about 30 miles away) so who knows...
Charlie's doing really well at school, and is really enjoying this term's topic all about the human body.
We still haven't been cancelled by the hospital, so, as of this moment in time, we'll still be going to see them this week... but I don't think I'll believe it until we actually walk in the door!
Pete's been away all week so far, and won't be back for a day or so - he wasn't able to go to London or Halifax the past couple of weeks because of the weather, so he's had to catch up this week.
That's about it really, I think - I should be blitzing the house, but it's cold and sleety, and I can hear a large cup of hot coffee and my new Jeffery Deaver book calling me...
Before I go, here's Charlie's latest pearl of wisdom... (Bear in mind that he knows that Dad's cancer was probably caused by the sun)

Charlie: Grandpa went to Heaven because he had cancer, didn't he.
Mum: Yes, that's right.
Charlie: So WHY didn't they have sunscreen back then so he needn't have got cancer?
Mum: Well, back then, people didn't really know that the sun could cause cancer, and there were lots of things that hadn't been invented back then anyway - like sunscreen.
Charlie: And like computers?
Mum: That's right. There weren't any computers when Grandpa was young.
Charlie: So how on earth did he ever check his emails then?

He does make me laugh, this boy of mine!

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