Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28, 2010

Well, we're still ticking along nicely here. Pete's still away (home before too long though, I hope!), I'm still cleaning like a demon, (I nearly gassed myself bleaching the grouting in the bathroom yesterday...) shopping for all the bits and bobs we need, and basically trying to sort out all the things that need sorting.
We still haven't had the letter from the hospital with the date for Charlie's surgery, so I'm still holding my breath every morning when the post arrives - but no brown envelope yet. I can't believe it's a week tomorrow since we saw Mr Barron - this past seven days have flown by.
Charlie's really enjoying school, and to be honest, his surgery couldn't have come at a better time, because the class topic this term is the human body and keeping it fit!
He took his photograph of himself and Mr Barron in to show everybody yesterday, and his teacher called him up to the front of the class to talk about his heart, and why he would be going into hospital.
He told everyone he was born with only half a heart, and that is why he gets puffed out and a bit blue sometimes.
He told them that he would be going to hospital so Mr Barron can fix his heart again, and showed the class his scar.
I was so proud of him, and I'm so pleased to think that we've succeeded in our aim to have him understand his heart and its limitations, but to be confident enough in himself to be able to explain his special heart to everyone else without any awkwardness or embarrassment.
He came out of school this afternoon carrying a gift bag containing a monster sticker book and a chocolate Buzz Lightyear, and told me that one of the little girls in his class had brought it in for him to take when he goes into hospital. I was so touched - I don't really know the little girl or her mum particularly well, and it was such a lovely, thoughtful present.
Charlie is a very lucky boy to have such good friends.

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