Sunday, January 03, 2010

January 3, 2010

Hi folks. (I just had to go and check my last post because I couldn't remember if I'd written 2010 or not. I've already written the wrong date on a cheque. Doh.)
Pete is back to work again tomorrow (he was working last week too, but he wasn't away at all) so it feels like Christmas is truly over now.
He's only in London for the day tomorrow, but he won't be back until very late (probably after I'm in bed) and then he's away again Wednesday and Thursday in Halifax. Needs must at the moment - we're very grateful he's doing so well in his job - but I do miss him when he's away. He's usually so busy we don't even get to chat much on the phone, and Charlie misses him too.
But Charlie and I are making the best of it, so tomorrow we're going to hit the cinema in the morning, for a bit of 'last-day-of-the-holidays-before-going-back-to-school' fun.
We're going to watch Planet 51, and Charlie's planning on having a BIG bag of salty popcorn and an even bigger freezy drink. Then, if he has his way, I imagine he'll be angling for either a KFC or McDonalds lunch (remember it's calories that count as far as Chas is concerned - the more the better!) and then back home to paint his Tardis 'shaker-maker'. Do you remember those plaster-of-paris figures we used to have when we were kids, and you had to prop the little rubber moulds up in pint glasses while they set? Well, Father Christmas brought Charlie the up-to-date version... still plaster-of-paris, but far less messy than before! He made the model tonight, so he's hoping to paint it next. Watch this space for pictures.
Talking of the Tardis - we watched the last Dr Who with David Tennant the other day - we were all SOOOO excited to see the church where Will is buried on the big screen! Charlie was tickled pink - he had the most enormous grin on his face as the church came into shot. We couldn't see Will's headstone because the filming was around the front, and Will's round the back, but it really pleased me to see how delighted Charlie was to see his favourite TV show filmed at the church where his big brother is buried. It felt like another special link between Chas and Will.
We bought Charlie some new school trousers today because he's back at school on Tuesday, and he's really had a growth spurt recently. His school trousers and his jeans are a good inch-and-a-half too short. In fact, he's had a pair of new jeans in his wardrobe for ages which came as part of a set of clothes - and while the top half of the set fitted, the jeans were WAY too big... I tried them on him a month or so ago, and they were enormous, but this morning, they fitted him beautifully.
It's very pleasing to see him growing so well, as his growth would probably slow down if his heart was struggling. We're going to have to get him a new bed soon too - he's in an IKEA junior bed at the moment, and he's starting to get too big for it now. We're thinking probably some sort of mid-height cabin bed with some shelves, drawers and a pull-out desk. We'll try to find time to have a look in the next few weeks because it'd be good to get one in the sales (as they're normally somewhere around the £600 mark... and I'm not paying that, just so he can climb a little ladder to get to bed!)
Anyway, I'm off to my bed (without a ladder!) for now, because I'm tired, I've got a horrible cough which kept me awake most of last night, and Pete's leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow, so goodnight folks!
(PS We still haven't taken our Christmas decorations down - looks like it'll be Tuesday now, because I don't think Charlie and I can get the tree into the loft without Pete! Never mind eh, the lights are quite cheery!)

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The Cryer Family said...

Hi Ali - love your post and all the happy things for Charlie! We still have our decs up too - late up and late down, oh well!