Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hi folks, and welcome to 2010! Hope you've all had a good New Year's Day.
We've had a busy day, but found the time to play with one of Charlie's new toys. We bought him a board game called 'Scabs and Guts' - sounds delightful, eh! - which is all about the human body and how it works, with various quiz questions to answer. Charlie's really into biology anyway, but his knowledge really surprised us several times - he knew that hair grows from follicles, doctors use stitches to close wounds too big for a plaster, picking scabs can cause infections, that exercise burns calories and... get this... tomato ketchup is good for you because it contains lycopene!!
Here's a pic of my little brainbox during New Year's Day dinner.
We've had a busy old week - we've been up to the Wirral and back with Mum, to catch up with some friends and family. It was nice to see some of Dad's brothers and sisters.
Charlie really enjoyed having Nanny in the room next door at the hotel, and went marching in there for cuddles every morning.
We're going up to Birmingham next Friday (assuming we're not postponed again) to speak to the surgeon about Charlie's surgery. I'm not looking forward to it really, but Charlie's keen to have another scout around the hospital, and to ask the surgeon all of his (very important!) questions.
I can't believe Charlie's back at school next week - this holiday has truly flown by. We haven't taken the Christmas decorations down yet, but that is definitely on the cards if we can find five minutes this weekend to do it. I need to have a good clean and tidy up, find spaces for all Charlie's new stuff, put some of the old stuff up in the loft, and get set for the New Year. Life is just so hectic at the moment - it feels like we need another week off to recover from the holiday!
Anyway - not much more news at the moment. I'd better go and help Pete finish scoffing all the chocolate before our healthy-eating kick starts up tomorrow!

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The Cryer Family said...

Happy new year Ali! - genuinely hope it is. Thanks for the kids' presents - all fabulous!! Lucy especially was delighted!