Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another pearl of Charlie wisdom...

Charlie is studying different cultures, faiths and religions at school this term (as well as the human body!) so he's going on a school trip to Cardiff Synagogue next month.
We were looking at the Shul website, so he could see some pictures of where he was going.
He was showing me all the things he'd been learning about, and the conversation went as follows:

Charlie (pointing at the picures): 'That's the Torah, which is the Jewish people's holy book, and that big candlestick is called a Menorah. Oh, and the men and boys wear little hats on their heads.'
Mum: That's right.
Charlie (thinking hard): 'And once a year, they all wear Welsh rugby shirts and daffodils.'
Mum: Er no, darling. I think you're getting a bit mixed up with St David's Day...'



Anonymous said...

We will certainly be praying for Charlie as his Fontan approaches. Thanks for your continued friendship from afar!

Jamyama said...

ah bless him, i love chaz's little pearls of wisdom!! xxx