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February 8, 2009 (Updated to include photo!)

Hi again folks.
I've just picked Charlie up from club, and he's eating his tea (in front of the TV - shock horror!) so I thought I'd capitalise on a bit of peace and write a quick update.
So, what have we been up to? (Other than pouncing on the postman every day to see if he has the dreaded brown envelope from BCH, and buying all the button-front pyjamas we can find!)
This is the problem when I'm a bit slack with blogging - I always forget what we've been doing, and can't remember what I've already told you (or not.)
So. January was the busiest month EVER on Charlie's blog, with more than 700 visitors from all over the place. (I know 700+ hits is pretty small potatoes compared with some bloggers, but it's the most Charlie's ever had, and we're pleased about it!)
It was also the month when Charlie's visitor map was archived, and by my reckoning Charlie had visitors from almost 60 different countries over the past 12 months! How cool is that! And for those of you who are wondering which countries they were...

United Kingdom (GB)
United States (US)
Canada (CA)
Australia (AU)
Germany (DE)
Sweden (SE)
France (FR)
Spain (ES)
Indonesia (ID)
India (IN)
Brazil (BR)
Malaysia (MY)
Argentina (AR)
New Zealand (NZ)
South Africa (ZA)
Singapore (SG)
Italy (IT)
Ireland (IE)
Portugal (PT)
Mexico (MX)
Korea, Republic of (KR)
Greece (GR)
Russian Federation (RU)
Philippines (PH)
Netherlands (NL)
Turkey (TR)
Vietnam (VN)
Finland (FI)
Romania (RO)
Hong Kong (HK)
Saudi Arabia (SA)
Japan (JP)
Slovenia (SI)
Peru (PE)
Switzerland (CH)
Denmark (DK)
Poland (PL)
Saint Kitts and Nevis (KN)
Puerto Rico (PR)
Colombia (CO)
Egypt (EG)
Taiwan (TW)
Thailand (TH)
Norway (NO)
Estonia (EE)
Belgium (BE)
Austria (AT)
Malta (MT)
Bangladesh (BD)
United Arab Emirates (AE)
Dominican Republic (DO)
El Salvador (SV)
Venezuela (VE)
Qatar (QA)
Israel (IL)
Montenegro (ME)
Macedonia (MK)
Ecuador (EC)
Morocco (MA)
Bulgaria (BG)
So, what else has been happening? As I said in the last post, Charlie's new bed has finally been built, and he is SO pleased with it. I spent a couple of hours this afternoon sorting through his bits and pieces, so everything is in its place, and it's all looking very tidy and grown-up! (My hands are still hurting from all the screw-drivering though!)
(There's a little cupboard still to come underneath the bed, but the supplier sent us two bookcases instead of one bookcase and a cupboard, so that should be arriving this week. Also, we're not bothering to put the desk together yet - play-space rather than work-space is what Charlie needs at the moment, and I'd rather he had a nice little den under his bed with all his toys at hand! Please excuse Charlie's mop-a-top hairdo, I'm attacking him with the clippers after school tomorrow!)
Charlie's had a very busy social life so far this month with three or four parties already, and another four before the end of February!
He was also really pleased that Nanny could make it to 'Bring Your Grandparent To School Afternoon' last Friday. He loved showing her round his classroom, reading to her, singing songs with his friends for all the grandparents, and showing off all his schoolbooks.
Charlie's Aunty Ruth came to see us at the weekend - she and I went to university together (it seems like a lifetime ago now!) and it's always good to catch up with her. Charlie had great fun showing her all his toys and playing his 'Scabs and Guts' game with her.
Pete's in London today, and again on Wednesday - but he's here tomorrow because we're having our INR machine training and (hopefully) receiving our own INR machine. Kind of scary in one way to know that we'll be using it soon, but quite nice to be taking control of the situation a bit.
Charlie and I are heading to the dentist on Thursday after school - his wobbly teeth STILL haven't fallen out, and the new teeth are almost fully through behind them, so I need to find out if we should do anything about it - particularly in light of the fact that Charlie's likely to be ventilated in the next month or so, and I can't imagine it's ideal to have lots of wobbly teeth around if you're trying to intubate someone. We'll see.
Then next week, it's half term. We've got another busy week planned - we're hoping to spend a few days in London (all being well we're aiming for the museums and the squirrels at St James's Park again, plus the London Eye, Ripley's 'Believe It Or Not' museum, and the new 'Dinosaurs Unleashed' exhibition.) It should be a nice couple of days, and then we're off to see Margaret and Eddy again - Pete's aunt and uncle. Charlie loves them to bits, so he's really looking forward to seeing them.
I think that's about it for now - we've got stuff tentatively planned for the rest of the month, but we really don't know when we're going to get the summons from the hospital, so everything is rather up in the air.
You'll be the first to know when we finally get the letter from the hospital!

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