Monday, February 22, 2010

I did it.

Ok - I did it. I finally telephoned the hospital.
Partly because I was getting a bit worried that the letter might have got lost in the post and they were expecting us to turn up in Birmingham tomorrow, and partly because I can't sustain this level of nervous anticipation every time the letterbox rattles.
So, I spoke to the surgeon's secretary, and she confirmed that no, a letter hadn't been sent yet (in part because Mr Barron is away quite a bit over the next few weeks, and they know that we want him to to the operation.)
The secretary was really nice, and said 'Oh, ok. Hang on a minute and I'll bring Charlie up on the computer and I can give you a date now.'
At which point I started babbling, ever so slightly.
My side of the conversation was as follows:
'Uh no. Don't give me the date. Don't tell me the date. I don't want to know the actual date - just give me a rough idea. No date. Definitely no date. Send me the date in a letter next week, just don't tell me the actual date now. Ok? No date.'
All credit to the secretary for not making me feel like a total nutter, but then again I expect she's rather used to having ever-so-slightly hysterical parents on the other end of her phone.
'Ok,' she said. 'Right. How does March sound? Maybe mid-March? Or more likely mid-to-end of March?'

That sounds pretty good, actually. Although we've been totally psyched up for it being in February, we'd always hoped that it would be nearer March/April - purely because by then the season of snot and bugs is all but over. And according to the secretary, there are a few kids on ICU with rather nasty bugs at the moment, so we'd rather avoid those if at all possible, thankyouverymuch.
The secretary said that she'd drop me a line with the 'actual' date, probably next week. To which I replied, 'Yes, that'll be fine - but there's no rush really. Honestly, don't panic about sending us a letter - we don't mind waiting. You know, if you've got anything better or more important you need to do first...'

So it's looking like we've got another few weeks before we up sticks for Birmingham. The only problem is, we've grown so used to Charlie's Fontan being bumped back and back over the past few years, that I think it's going to be one heck of a shock when there are finally no more delays.

But never mind that for now - I've got a few more days to bury my head in the sand...
(PS Here are a few pictures from London.)

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