Monday, March 22, 2010


Charlie's settling in at the hospital - he's had his blood pressure taken, height, weight and O2 sats. Believe it or not his sats topped out at 86! 86 the day before his Fontan! Go Charlie! I know that probably won't mean much to non-heart parents, but I am very pleased. His heart is still showing intermittent heart block, which is quite reassuring in one way, because I wouldn't want him to have his pacemaker put in unnecessarily.
He has the magic cream on his hands already and is getting impatient to get his cannula in so he can have a dip in his 'brave boy' goodie bag!
He's having fun exploring the ward - I think it's harder for us really - seeing all the children who are post-op, looking pale, tired and with all their drips and drains, and knowing it won't be long before Charlie is the same.
But for the moment - EIGHTY-SIX!!!!

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Lindsey said...

EIGHTY SIX is knock out!!!!! Wey hey Charlie Boy!! Can you imagine what they will be post Fontan. XXX

The Simmons Family said...

We are praying for you Charlie!!! I just know you're going to do great!!