Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hi folks. Sorry for the late update - we've had a busy morning! Charlie is still quiet and a bit grumpy, but he is now totally off his morphine. He's been awake all morning, and has just dozed off for the first time today.
He has still been having his anti-sickness medicine, and this morning he had some yoghurt, some Cheerios and some fruit for breakfast. He's also been drinking full-sugar coke, as recommended by the nurses - apparently it has lots of salts and sugars - not to mention a fair whack of calories. Normally we don't let him have coke (and certainly not full-sugar!) so he was quite pleased to have a bottle all to himself.
It was roast dinner for lunch, and he had some chicken and peas, followed by some crisps, so he's doing well thus far. (And though I almost don't want to mention it, he hasn't been or felt sick at all!)
He was weighed again this morning, and has lost about 200g, which is fine. Hopefully we should be able to stop him losing too much more, now he's eating again.
He also spent about three hours sitting in his chair, watching a DVD.
We still haven't quite got our Charlie-boy back yet, but we are seeing improvements every single day.

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