Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Still doing well...

Charlie is being a little superstar. He woke up and came off the
ventilator at about 8pm and is breathing happily on his own.
He's talking a bit - said 'Hello Nanny' when she came in, and
remembered that Grandpa bought him his Max dog. He remembered he was
in the hospital, knew what his oxygen mask was for and is being really
compliant - it is hurting him to cough but he's still coughing when
He's very thirsty and had only had a few mls of water off a little
sponge lollipop, but one of the doctors has just said he can have a
little drink (abt 20mls) when he wakes next.
I'll update properly soon with a few pics, but just wanted to tell you
the latest.
By the way, his sats hit 100% before! Only briefly, but even so...!

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Monica Rafie said...

Ahhh that's right. Now it all comes back to me - one of the hardest things was the dehydration afterward. Sooooo glad the surgery is over and he's doing well. Thank God.

Kerry McFarland and Jigsaw Club said...

We are so pleased to hear of the great success of Charlie's operation! We prayed for him at Jigsaw on Monday and have been following on here to find out how it's been going. Praying that he continues to do so excellently :-) Much love from all at Jigsaw Club xx