Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Charlie's enjoying a story with one of the teaching assistants - lots
of smiles!
He's been up and about all day today. He still looks tired, but
hopefully he'll have a good sleep tonight.
His INR has dropped to acceptable levels now, so we'll be taking lots
of his wires out later, once he's been given a sedative and some pain
relief. As I said yesterday - we'd appreciate your thoughts and
prayers that it's not too awful for Charlie. It should be happening in
the next couple of hours.
The drainage from his third drain has reduced right down, which is
great news. A tiny bit has come out, which is good, because it makes
us less concerned that the tube is blocked, and more inclined to think
that the drainage is just stopping. That's what we're hoping anyway,
so we might be able to get the final drain out in the next few days.
The pacemaker team have been and looked at his pacemaker, so we're
expecting some news from them later. Hopefully it'll just need a bit
of a tweak.
I'll keep you all posted!


sandra said...

thinking of you all especially Charlie
hope things keep going well and today is not too painful

Joshua said...

Really pleased things are sorting themselves out. Hope Charlie is ok when they take all the drains and wires out.Take care,lots of love.xx

craig said...

The Thomas family are all following Charlie's progress with everything crossed every day. Charlie is not doing anything we would not expect knowing Charlie - just taking everything in his stride and amazing us all. Hope to see you all back in Marshfield in no time!
Kerry xx

Anonymous said...

hope its not a bad sign that u haven't updated yet, hope it went ok, been thinking of u all day, loads of love kelly xxxx