Sunday, March 07, 2010

Under the weather...

As the title says, Charlie's not feeling very well. He's had a snotty cold and a bit of a cough for a week or so but has felt fine in himself.
But yesterday and today he's been pale and washed out, with a bit of a temperature and a headache. Plus he's coughed himself sick twice.
Really, really not what we need just at the moment. We go into hospital in a fortnight, and he needs to be in peak condition.
As well as the bug itself, he's also lost some weight because a. he's sicked up two meals and b. he's even less interested in food than normal. Again, this is a really bad thing pre-op, because we don't want him to be going into hospital skinny and weedy.
So I'm going to take him up to the doctor's surgery in the morning to see what they recommend - even though we normally steer clear of antibiotics when we can, this might be a good time for him to have a short course, just to blast any nasties that might be lingering around in his system.
I hope we can get him clear of this bug sooner rather than later. I really don't want to have to cancel his op because he's unwell.
Let's hope the worst is over and that he's on the mend VERY soon.

PS I still can't believe we'll be in Birmingham two weeks tomorrow. So surreal.

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Jennifer said...

well if it turns out they have to postpone the surgery, it may be in God's plan for a postponement.

Only He knows how all of this will turn out my friend.

I'll be praying for Charlie's health to improve. :)