Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another good day.

Charlie is getting better and better every day.
It is so wonderful to see him gradually returning to normal.
He's been up and out of bed all day - playing games, reading stories,
playing with a new puzzle he received this morning, and causing much
hilarity with a remote-controlled whoopee cushion from his cousin Anna.
We went for coffee in the hospital conservatory and then went back to
the playground and play centre.
Charlie walked such a long way, and though he said he was tired by the
end (hardly surprising because he hasn't done much walking for the
past three weeks) he did not get even remotely puffed out.
I can't wait until his drain is out so we can really start seeing the
marvellous results from his Fontan surgery and near-normal sats.
He's only drained 50mls today, so provided he doesn't start gushing
tonight or tomorrow, we should still be on course for getting his
drain out on Thursday.
I know I've said it before, but we really value your thoughts and
prayers that the drainage continues to reduce - it would feel like
such a step back if the removal of Charlie's drain had to be delayed.
Here's to another good (low-drainage!) day tomorrow!

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Ann Fisher said...

I am so chuffed Charlie is feeling much better, it's just delightful to read the blog and see him getting back to his old self. Just praying now that the drain will be able to come out soon so you can all come home. Lots of love, Ann.

Asda Pharmacy said...


Thinking of you. We've been following Charlie's progress, so pleased things are going well.

Love to you and little man

all the Asda Pharmacy gang

alimax said...

Hi Charlie Alison & Pete,
We were in BCH with you at the beginning! Max was born 09/11/03. He had his fontan in Sept 07 and has done really well.
Reading your blog brings back EVERY minute of our nearly four week stay... You are doing brilliantly.
When Max's last drain was nearly done, they put a stopper (v. technical, me!) on it and arranged a trip to the aquarium for us. It was amazing watching Max walking a long way, including up steps, without noticing it! See if they'll let you go out soon. We even had tapas before we went back to the hosp!
Sorry this is a long message. Really pleased for you all. Will be keeping up with your blog, and cheering you on to the home stretch.
Alison, Andrew and - of course - Max Tinkler

sandra said...

what a good boy great to hear of such good progress
fingers crossed for the drain to come out soon