Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21, 2010

Hi folks.
Not a lot to report today, but I'm getting into the habit of this daily blogging lark!
Charlie's still doing well - we're so enjoying watching him get more and more back to normal as he heals.
It's crazy to think that four weeks ago, Pete and I were sitting on ICU, trying to placate a very thirsty Charlie with a few mls of water every time he woke up. That was a very long night... although the recliner chairs on ICU were very comfy!
Charlie was keen to go and see Nanny today (after almost four weeks of seeing her every day, he was having withdrawal symptoms!) so we went to visit her after lunch.
The sun was out, so Charlie pottered around her back garden on a little tricycle. Mum and I just sat and watched him playing - marvelling again and again how well he is doing.
I know he still has a way to go with his healing - if it was his arm instead of his sternum that was broken, he'd still be in plaster - but he is doing so well.
The wound from his final chest drain still has quite a bit of healing to do, and there is a piece of stitch poking out from under the scab. I need to find out if we need to do anything about getting it removed now, or if we should wait until the scab falls off.
It's also INR check day tomorrow - Charlie's been talking about it today without too much trepidation, but I'm braced for him to be upset in the morning when he sees the lancet approaching. (I bet he doesn't realise that I get really stressed before finger-prick days too!) It'll be interesting to see what his INR is though - I hope it's not too high, because then we'll have to test him again sooner. I'm hoping it'll be sitting nicely between 2-3, so maybe we won't have to test again until Monday!

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