Thursday, April 22, 2010

Six months.

It's been six months exactly since my dad died.
In some ways, those six months have flown by, but in other ways, it seems a lifetime since I last spoke to him.
I hate that he's not here with us, but equally, I would have hated him to still be here struggling the way he was.
He has left such an enormous gap in all our lives.
Charlie talks about him all the time - remembering the special times they shared, and all the many, many things that remind him of his beloved Grandpa. He never tires of chatting about Dad, which makes me so happy.
My own grandpa died when I was three months old, so I never knew him. I am so glad that Charlie was old enough to know and love Dad, and that he will remember him.
I look at the photos of Dad around the house, listen to the messages from him on the answering machine, and I still can't believe that he is really gone.
I have missed him so much this past month, while we were in hospital.
Having said that, I know he would have hated to see Charlie so poorly, and would have been so upset to see him so sad.
But I know he would have been there with us - through thick and thin.
And in so many ways, I felt that he was there with us. But I'd have given anything for one of his big hugs, and to hear his firm assertion that Charlie was going to be fine.

We love you Dad, and we miss having you here with us so very much. xxx

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Verna said...

I don't think we ever truly stop missing them, it is just not so hard as time goes by. My Dad has been gone 10 years and my Mom almost 4. Both passed away to young. I really needed their strenght and wisdome when Hank and Jo had Noah and even more now that they have Zander!