Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Back on the ward...

Charlie is back on the ward, safe and sound.
His original drain has been removed, so he is left with a new drain
below his right armpit.
He has drained 300mls so far, but not much at all since we came back
from recovery. We are fervently hoping that the pool if fluid has been
drained and that the drain can come out for good very soon.
His cannula was moved from his left hand to his right while he was
asleep, so that was one less trauma for him to endure. The doctors
also drew the bloods they needed to test while he was under
anaesthetic, so we avoided that upset as well.
Heart-wise, his Fontan is working beautifully.
So now that is done and dusted.
Next on the agenda - finding out what is going on with his pacemaker.


The Simmons Family said...

I love that Charlie is doing so great!!

Jamyama said...

come on pacemaker make your paces, do whatever your supposed to be doing and sort yourself out, you have been told!! well done chas, our little superstar xxx kelly & co xxx