Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Theatre update...

One of the doctors in theatre with Charlie just telephoned me (and
yes, my heart nearly stopped.)
The catheter procedure has gone smoothly - Charlie's fenestration was
still open, so they didn't need to stent it open. They did, however,
stent open one of Charlie's lung arteries to ease the pressure, and
hopefully reduce his drainage.
The big downside is that the chest drain Charlie currently has in his
chest is not in the right place to drain the fluid pooled by his lung.
So the doctor rang to get my consent to put another drain in as well.
This drain will go between Charlie's ribs, so I imagine it will be
pretty painful for him.
I just wish it could be me instead - I hate having to put him through
They should be calling us to the recovery room in the next half an
hour or so.

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