Thursday, April 08, 2010

Back to theatre tomorrow...

As Charlie's pacemaker started playing up last night, he has rather
forced the surgeon's hand, and plans to repair/replace his pacemaker
have been brought forward.
He has been reconnected to his external pacing box, and his
malfunctioning internal pacemaker has been turned right down.
We are awaiting a visit from the surgeon (Tim Jones - the one who was
going to do Charlie's Fontan, before we were cancelled) and he will be
discussing the procedure with us.
We will have to consent to both procedures - the more simple removal/
replacement of the pacing box and testing of the wires via the small
scar over the pacemaker, or the more major reopening of the sternotomy
and replacement of the wires.
The former will mean Charlie comes straight back to the ward post-op,
the latter will necessitate a return to ICU.
Obviously we are hoping and praying that the more simple procedure
will do the trick, but we are not holding out too much hope.
We are also desperately hoping that Charlie will not take too much of
an emotional battering from yet another setback.
He's been fairly bright this morning, and is currently enjoying some
KFC before he ends up nil by mouth again.

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jazzystar said...

okay, it's a nightmare, you don't want any of this to be happening all everyone wants is for charlie to be well and home, however, if we look at it positively better that the problem is being dealt with now rather than you already be home and the pacemaker start playing up, chas may have felt really poorly and you end up rushing hime back in, lets get it all done now so once he's home he stays there! I know that wont help much,just wanted to try! love You all! kel xxx

sandra said...

sorry Charlie is having to go back to theatre but glad plan has been decided on
thinking of you all

Ann Fisher said...

I know it's horrible, but at least they are now getting on with whatever needs to be done and not keeping you hanging around in limbo until next week. Once they sort out that stupid machine you will be well and truly on the road home. Thinking of you all, lots of love, Ann. xx

Jenny Lincoln said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Charlie is going back into surgery. The good news is, that they have an idea of what is wrong and a plan and a back up plan to fix it. Hopefully this will be just what Charlie needs and then you can focus on getting better and going home! Good luck! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Eveline Holmes said...

Alison and Pete

I think you are amazing taking the time to update this blog so frequently what with all that is going on. Poor Charlie really is having a tough time. I really hope that the first procedure works and he doesn't have to pay another visit to ICU. But they will do what they need to do to get your little warrior back on his feet and boy do you guys have a fierce champion there. Following every day between here and Heartline.

Love to you all
Eveline xxxx

kay said...

Hope Charlie has a settled night and that he doesnt have too long to wait tomorrow , take care all xxx