Thursday, April 08, 2010

Cheeky monkey!

Charlie's been quite chirpy this afternoon and we've had quite a few
flashes of his normal cheeky self.
It's such a shame, because he'll be knocked sideways again by
tomorrow's surgery.
Apparently he won't be going to theatre until after 3pm, so he can't
eat anything after 9am.
I can't remember if I said in the last post, but if the surgeon is
able to do the more minor surgery it should only take about 40
minutes. Even if Charlie has to have his sternum reopened (all
prayers, positive thoughts and good vibes that this won't be necessary
would be gratefully appreciated...) it should still take under two
hours, and all being well, he should be extubated (off the ventilator)
and starting to wake up before he goes back to ICU.
I'll keep you posted.


jazzystar said...

LOVE that pic, that's our cheeky monkey alright! glad to hear that whichever way he wont be in theatre for long, all positive vibes continuing, so many people are asking after him ali, I got stopped 3 times by people in work tonight!! much love xxx

cici said...

Prayers and positive thoughts to handsome little "cheeky monkey"
Hope tomorrow brings good news.

kay said...

good to see Charlie looking upbeat, hope all goes well today xxx

sandra said...

fingers crossed for a short visit to theatre