Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Here's Charlie having his bedtime story. You can't beat a bit of Harry
Potter to take your mind off things.
The tube you can see under his armpit is his new chest drain - it goes
right between his ribs. Can you imagine many more painful and awkward
places to have a plastic tube exiting your body?
(The red splashes on his legs are left-over disinfectant from his
cardiac catheter yesterday.)


jazzystar said...

hiya i've just been flicking back through some comments on here, Ali it's just so obvious how much charlie is loved, if well wishes, prayers and positive vibes alone could solve the problem the pacemaker would be working in a flash! kelly xxxx

The Cryer Family said...

Hi Ali - finally got to some internet access (we're in LA at the moment) - so have been catching up on what's been going on... so sorry to hear how miserable and worrying it's being for Charlie and all of you. Maybe Charlie needs to know he doesn't have to be brave all the time... So much love to you all - hope all is sorted out as soon and safely as humanly possible, Helen & Scott xxxx