Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A plan in place...

Ok. So we know what's happening, and have a plan (of sorts) in place.
Charlie's pacemaker isn't working properly - the ventricular wire is
causing the problem.
Charlie has two ventricular wires inside him (and an atrial wire too)
and the hope is that the doctors might be able to get one or other of
the ventricular wires to work.
One of the wires is currently in use (and not working properly) and
the other is a spare.
Charlie will be discussed at the doctors' conference on Friday, and
referred back to the surgical team.
Their intention will be to take him back to theatre some time next week.
Initially they will just reopen the small scar over his pacemaker,
remove the pacemaker, clean out the pocket where it sits, clean the
pacemaker and its connections, and test the internal wires with an
external box.
If, as we hope, they can make the wires work effectively with an
external pacer, they will reconnect and replace Charlie's pacemaker,
sew him up and job done. He will return to the ward and start the
journey for home.
If, however, the wires continue to malfunction, the surgeon will have
to reopen the bottom half of Charlie's sternotomy and replace the
wires attached to his heart. This obviously carries a higher risk, and
will necessitate a return trip to ICU, and a more gradual recovery.
One good thing is that he is unlikely to need any more chest drains
after the procedure.
So for the moment, we just need to keep hoping that the drainage stops
very soon so we can get the drain out and make Charlie more
comfortable, and then wait to see what next week will bring.
We would really appreciate your prayers and positive thoughts that the
pacemaker might be fixable without having to reopen Charlie's chest.
His new scar is so neat and beautiful, it makes me sad to think of it
being spoiled.

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kay said...

good that there is a definite plan of action , praying that the drain comes out v soon , and that Charlie is more comfortable xxx

Jamyama said...

knowing how you tick i'm sure you feel slightly better actually knowing what the plan/s are and that you're not just sat around wondering, all hopes that they can do it the easier way!! much love xxx

Jacqui said...

Positive thoughts are on their way. Charlie has come so far and is meant to be a robust little's just going to take a little longer than thought. Fingers crossed for good news to come. x