Monday, April 12, 2010

Charlie on the TV again!

I thought you might like the link to the news piece about the hospital, in which superstar Charlie takes quite a starring role!
We were pretty pleased with how the piece turned out - and Charlie is quite enjoying his celebrity status around the hospital.
I'll paste the link in full:
You'll need to click on the bit about the hospital appeal, and you may have to sit through a short advertisement before the piece starts.
I'm not sure how long the link will be live, so click it now! Enjoy!

PS Charlie's drainage is sitting at 70mls so far for the day - we are hoping and praying that it stays below 100mls by 6am tomorrow morning, and that tomorrow's drainage is about 50mls or less, so we can start thinking about maybe getting his final drain out sooner rather than later! Keep those prayers, positive thoughts and good vibes coming our way, please!


Ann Fisher said...

Well done Ali! You and Charlie both looked fantastic. I might just have to have your autographs when you get back :-). xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

jazzystar said...

yeah i thought u both looked fab too in fact u looked very fresh faced! :) and nanny clapping in the background, where was Pete hiding?! my pete said there were probs with the sound when he emailed it but he's got it on DVD for when you get back ...... very soon i reckon xxxxxxx kel xx

Lindsey said...

You both looked fantastic on the TV. WOW! Celebrities!
Here's hoping the drainage keeps s...l....o.....w......i.......n........g d......o.......w......n X

kay said...

aww bless him what a gorgeous smile and you look great too , fingers crossed for home this weekend xx