Thursday, April 01, 2010

Good news - I think!

We've just had another visit from Rachel, the pacemaker lady, and she
seems fairly confident that the problems with Charlie's pacemaker
aren't related to the placement of the wire! Halleluiah!!!
She's going to ring the pacemaker manufacturer because she thinks the
problem is being caused by interaction between a couple if the settings.
So please, keep hoping and praying that this is just a computer issue
that can be easily tweaked and sorted with a bit of help from the
Charlie is SO much more comfortable with two of his drains out, and
for the first time he asked to get out of bed and walk.
He's in the playroom with Nanny at the moment, building something with
the stickle bricks, and it's nearly time for little Zaynab's birthday
I'm feeling so much better all of a sudden!

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Anonymous said...

Ali i'm in tears reading ur last couple of posts (u know what i'm like)!! been thinking about u all constantly today hoping for the best, i'm so glad he's chirpier now and liked his goodies but i so feel for you having to go through all of it with him, he has defo proved what a superstar he is and I can't wait to give him a massive cwtch when u get home, u too, actually make that a group hug!!! kel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lindsey said...

SO pleased to read this Ali I've been on tenterhooks (pardon the pun) all day.
Everything is crossed here.
Much love XXX

Joshua said...

Brilliant news will keep everything crossed.Lots of love