Monday, April 05, 2010


Charlie is fed up today. He's sad, whiny and his chest drain is pulling.
Consequently, we're feeling pretty miserable too.
I've escaped to the Ronald McDonald house briefly for a quick shower
and to do some washing.
I can't wait for tomorrow, when the hospital comes to life again, and
it might feel like we're actually getting somewhere.
His drainage is really minimal, although he's still on suction, but we
don't know how much fluid is still floating around inside him.
This final drain is starting to haunt my dreams - I have visions of us
still being here in a month - draining 20mls here and 50mls there.
The annoying thing is that it is so uncomfortable for Charlie, that
there's no way he'll return completely to his normal cheery self while
he's still got eight inches of plastic tubing knocking around inside
his ribcage.
I take my hat off to those parents who have been in hospital for four,
five or even more weeks.
We're just 12 days post op, and I can already feel myself losing my
marbles, my sense of humour, my perspective and my temper... not
necessarily in that order.

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kay said...

Hang in there Ali, love and hugs to you all , if you are going to be in for much longer i will come and pay you a visit xxxx

Anonymous said...

keep ur chin up, easier said than done i know but each day really is a step closer to home, I dreamt last night that I came out of work and u, pete charlie and ur mum were all sat in the non existant cafe area outside and we all sat and had coffee and were talking about what a superstar he's been, happy dream!! You are all doing so so well Ali, hang in there, the ball will really get rolling now this wk i'm sure xxx kel xxx

jazzystar said...

trying out my password re-set!! mwah, mwah,mwah, mwah one each !!

The Simmons Family said...

I sure today is an easier today and full of progression!!!

tumbleweedgirl said...

i'm so sorry. i can empathize with drains and tubes and frustration. i hope it comes out today, you've been on a long road.