Monday, April 05, 2010

Another day down...

The ward is noisy again tonight - lots of babies and toddlers
protesting loudly.
Charlie though, is far away in the land of nod - again clutching Alfie
monkey and Max the dog, as if his life depends on it.
This afternoon was much brighter than this morning - and I have to
admit, I felt much better after my escape to the ironing pile!
Charlie perked up quite a bit, and had fun playing with his new
friend, Becky. She has also had a Fontan, so the pair of them have
been pottering between their bed spaces, drains and trolleys in tow.
There was talk of removing Charlie's last drain and pacing wires
tomorrow, providing his pacemaker check is satisfactory, but he's
drained about 130mls so far today, so the drain won't be coming out,
as the doctors want them to be draining no more than 40mls.
While we want the drainage to stop so the tube can come out, we need
to make sure that the fluid has all gone before the drain is pulled.
It will be the main doctors' round tomorrow morning, I think, so
hopefully we'll have a clearer picture of where we're at.
We'd appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers that the drainage
might stop very soon (and all the pockets of fluid disappear) so we
can get the drain out and start thinking about maybe heading on the
road towards home.

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jazzystar said...

the severn bridge would never have looked so welcoming as when you drive over it on your way home! constant positive thoughts bombarding you all! it's so sweet he has a little friend who has been through it too, can't wait for tomorrows update i'm sure it will all be good,much love kelxxx
BTW if you're in need of therapy once your home you're ALWAYS welcome to my ironing pile!!! xxx