Friday, April 16, 2010

Homeward bound!

We are out of the hospital, and once we've packed up Pete's stuff from
the Ronald McDonald house, we will be on our way!
I can't believe it! Charlie looks brilliant -we go to the hospital in
Cardiff on Monday, but we have the weekend to ourselves!
I'll write a proper post later, but wanted to let you know how amazing
Charlie is now - he RAN all the way to the Ronald McDonald House, in
the wind, without a coat and he was PINK - both lips and cheeks, and
not out of breath at all. It's like a miracle.


drrobert69 said...

that's just fantastic

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic news! So glad you're finally going home. And what a celebrity Charlie now is too! x

Ann Fisher said...

I am so sooooooooo delighted you are on your way home, you must be on top of the world. He IS a total miracle, running around and coming home just 3 weeks after open heart surgery. Truly a superstar.
Lots of love from Ann xxxxxxxxx.

Jenny Lincoln said...

That is such wonderful news! I'm so happy to hear it! :) Enjoy your weekend!! :) :)

kay said...

Great news , he looks amazing xxx

jazzystar said...

woohoo!! hooray!! what a superstar, bet u'll have the best night sleep tonight ever!! much love, well done ALL of you xxxx

alimax said...

Pretty soon all the pink paint and plaster marks will be gone too! So pleased for you all, a family weekend and lovely weather (hopefully). Warfarin is also not the worry I'd expected - you'll breeze through it.
Well done love from Max Alison and Andrew Tinkler

Lindsey said...

I have welled up reading your post. Receiving your text this afternoon made my day. He has done SO brilliantly well and looks fab (I almost didn't recognise him in his clothes ;-) You won't be able to keep up with him now xxx

sandra said...

fantastic news

the boy done good

so pleased for you all

Anonymous said...

Well Charlie you just look like a happy little chappy. I am wondering how your Mam and Dad are going to keep up with you now!!

Well done-you are a superstar.

Love Lisa, Mark and Roch

Anonymous said...

Brilliant news! Have a lovely weekend x

Anonymous said...

been quietly following your journey for some time and decided today was a fitting day to chime in. Run, Charlie, Run!

Celebrating with you!

Rolf and Trish,
parents of Rudy (HLHS)
Santa Barbara, CA

The Smith's said...

Hi Alison - I've been following Charlie's Fontan journey for the past couple weeks (my son Luke will undergo his Fontan next summer). I just had to comment and tell you I'm thrilled to see him looking so healthy and happy and GOING HOME! What a trooper you have.