Friday, April 16, 2010


We are home.
And we are oh, so happy.
I can scarcely believe that the long-dreaded Fontan is done and dusted.
When we went into hospital just over three weeks ago, I handed Charlie
over to the doctors and nurses.
I had to ask permission to give him something to drink, to take him
for a walk, to get him out of bed.
But now he is ours again - I can feed him, hug him and let him run as
much as he likes.
He is fast asleep in his own bed, in his Dr Who pyjamas, under his
Harry Potter duvet - exactly where he belongs.
I must admit, I feel a bit dazed - the adrenaline has worn off, and
exhaustion has kicked in - but I feel so free.
Thank you all for all your prayers, thoughts, texts, emails, comments,
cards, letters, parcels, goodie bags and survival packages.
We came home tonight to find our house decorated with 'Welcome Home'
banners and balloons, and a 'Welcome Home' cake, a homemade lasagne,
some chocolates and wine in our kitchen.
We feel truly overwhelmed by the love and friendship we have been
privileged to receive over the past month.
A proper thank you post will be forthcoming when I am less tired, but
for now - THANK YOU.
For every comment on the blog, Facebook or Heartline, every unexpected
card or gift for Charlie, every cup of decent coffee, every food
parcel, every prayer or positive thought offered up on our behalf -

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The Simmons Family said...


CalmDownDear said...

Welcome Home :-)

Jackie x

Verna said...

Whishing you all the best at home and lots of good helth for Charlie!