Wednesday, April 07, 2010


There has just been a big discussion at Charlie's bedside, with
various members of the pacemaker team and the rep from the manufacturer.
The general concensus is that the problem does indeed lie with the
ventricular wire, as was initially thought, but then ruled out.
Although there are issues with the atrial wire too, it seems to be
that the ventricular wire is causing these problems, rather than them
being problems in their own right.
There is a spare ventricular wire running to Charlie's pacemaker
already, but the fear is that the spare wire's conduction levels are
also below the standard required.
We have not been told definitively yet, but the feeling we have been
given by the doctors is that Charlie will have to go back to theatre
again, and most likely will need to have his sternotomy reopened.
I won't even begin trying to write how we feel about this - once I
start, I won't stop.
One positive note - Charlie's echo this morning showed that the pool
of fluid in his chest has gone. Now we just need the drainage to stop
completely and we can get the drain out.
I don't know if the drains would have to be put in again if his
pacemaker does, in fact, have to be repaired. I hope not.

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sandra said...

such a dreadful time for you all
just wanted to let you know I am still thinking of you all and sending more positive vibes that Charlie doesn't have to go back to theatre

kay said...

Ali , still hoping here that it wont come to surgery again , keep writing it down, i'm sure in some way it helps to get it all out there, sending the most massive hug xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Have been keeping up to date on your news on here.Am so sorry to here Charlie may have to go back in again.He is such a brave boy and so lucky to have You and Pete as parents. Chin up Al and sending lots of love and good wishes. julie Chloe And Jake. x

Jacqui and Jess said...

Glad there's a little positive news there. I feel for you all and hope Charlie doesn't have to go back to theatre. Lots of love x

Ann Fisher said...

I can't believe he might have to go back in for surgery again, it's just awful. Like you said, stupid machine! They will get it sorted though, and just keep thinking how great his fontan is working and how, when he gets home he will feel so much better with sats like those. I wish I could do something to help, sending lots of love and prayers, Ann xx