Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pacing wires out!

Well, as this post title says, Charlie has had his pacing wires
(And he's got them in a pot to show his friends when he gets home!)
The good thing about having the wires out is that he's no longer ward-
bound. Obviously we can't take him out of the hospital because he
still has his chest drain in, but he'll be able to come with us to the
hospital shop or the cafe. (He might even get a whiff of fresh air by
the main entrance!) There's also a play centre on the ground floor, so
it will be good for him to have a change of scenery there too.
He's had a pretty good day today - one of the nurses on the ward found
him a controller for the X-Box so he's been playing Lego Indiana Jones
all morning.
The only thing keeping us here now is his chest drain - so any prayers
or positive thoughts for gradual fluid reduction over the next couple
of days would be gratefully appreciated.
Here's a picture of Charlie today, sans pacing wires, X-Box controller
in hand! (He looks particularly cheery in the photo because he'd had a
good dose of midazolam to get his wires out, which made him totally
drunk! There's something very appealing about a tipsy six-year-old...
I'm sure I won't be so tickled by the idea when he's sixteen!)


Jenny Lincoln said...

So glad to hear it! Now that pesky drainage tube!! Praying that his drainage will slow to a stop soon so you can get your boy home!! :) :)

Ann Fisher said...

That's just fabulous! I'm starting to feel like I might get to see you soon now, only one last hurdle to go. Hoping and praying that Chas stops draining soon, lots of love, Ann xx.

Jacqui said...

Great. The end is in sight! xx