Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quiet day...

First and foremost, Charlie's pacemaker is working perfectly. Hurrah!
The pacemaker lady (officially known as a Heart Investigations
Technician) came to see him today, and was very happy with how it is
working now.
She's going to come back in the early part of next week to turn some
of the settings down a bit, which should give us well over five years
of battery life before Charlie needs it replacing again.
It is so good to look at Charlie's heart monitor without panicking
that his heart rate is about to plummet into the forties.
Charlie's been quiet, sleepy and pretty grumpy today, but we are
tending to find that a good day like yesterday is usually followed by
a not-so-good one.
We were really pleased this morning when the registrar listened to
Charlie's chest and said it was clear, with no fluid around the bases
of his lungs. Charlie's drainage also seems to be slowing a bit -
we're on about 190mls for the day so far. It'll still be a while
before the drain can come out but at least it seems to be trending in
the right direction.
The drain is bothering him quite a bit - it is sore and it pulls a lot
whenever he moves.
We are hoping and praying that the drainage ceases soon so we can get
the final drain out.
I have a feeling that Charlie will be a different boy once that nasty
plastic tube has gone.

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craig said...

So glad to hear that the op went as well as could be expected. We are all still thinking of him and checking in every day to see his progress. Both Callum and Sam were asking after him over the last few days so do tell Charlie they both send their best, it was a very serious conversation they both had over how good a friend Charlie was!
Kerry and the Thomas clan x