Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Quick update.

Not good news today.
Charlie is going back to theatre this afternoon for a cardiac catheter
to try to stop him draining. They seem to think his fenestration has
closed so they will be stenting it open.
There are still major problems with his pacemaker, and we are becoming
increasingly frustrated because nobody here seems to understand what
is going on with it. Although we have no definitive information, from
what we understand, either there is a problem with where the wires are
connected to the pacemaker box, which will mean the surgeons will have
to reopen the scar over his pacemaker, take it out, sort out the
connections and put it back. If this doesn't work, they will have to
reopen his sternotomy and start from scratch.
Charlie is totally distraught - he just keeps saying 'I've had enough,
I jus want to pick him up and run for the hills.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear this - I hope everything goes smoothly and they resolve the problem quickly. Huge hugs for Charlie xxxx

jazzystar said...

hoping and praying that it gets sorted out in the quickest and most straightforward way, loads of love to you all xxx

Jenny Lincoln said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the setbacks.. I'll be praying for Charlie today that they hurry up and get things straightened out so he can get back on the road to recovery.
Heart Hugs,
Jenny (Aly's mommy)

Ann Fisher said...

Poor Charlie, and you too. I'm not surprised he's had enough, I can't bear to think of him being so glum. So many ups and downs, but he'll get there in the end because he's amazing. Thinking about you and praying that they won't have to re-open his chest again. Lots of love Ann xx.

sandra said...

so sorry to hear of setbacks
hope they are able to sort things out quickly and Charlie is feeling better soon
thinking of you all

Kristin said...

So sorry to hear - I know it is hard not to make the hurt of your little one go away.

I wish I could say more. I hope this gets taken care of soon and Charlie is back to his old self soon!

kay said...

oh poor Charlie praying all goes well this afternoon xxxx