Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So close...

Charlie's had another great day today. He's been bright and cheerful
all day, and has walked all around the hospital, without getting puffed!
He has only drained 25mls today, and the doctors were all set to pull
his final drain this morning, but his INR was still too high at 3.3,
because his antibiotics are affecting the levels.
The doctors are omitting his warfarin tonight in the hope that his INR
will drop enough to get the drain out safely. It needs to be around
2.5 or lower, so we are hoping and praying that the result will be low
In himself, Charlie is pretty much back to normal - I am hoping and
hoping that we can get his drain out tomorrow, because then, on
Friday, he can put his clothes back on again! I'm heartily sick of
seeing him in pyjamas!

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Lindsey said...

SO fab to see Chas today looking and acting like the character we know and love. He seems far to well to be in there now - whip that drain out and Cardiff here you come! :-) xxx

The Simmons Family said...

Great news!!!

jazzystar said...

clothes on then soon enough you'll be heading home!! hooooooooooray! can't wait, go chaz, go chaz xxxxx

The Cryer Family said...

So glad to hear!!! Well done all of you! xxx