Saturday, April 03, 2010

TV mention... (updated)

Kelly's husband emailed me a higher-quality version of Charlie's TV mention last night, and the sound is much better too, so I've put it on the blog in place of the low-res version. Hope you like it - Charlie still grins every time he sees it!
(Charlie's still draining - about 450mls so far, which they are pleased with - I think he seems a bit brighter - I suppose it's got to be better not carting the equivalent of a can and a half of coke around in your chest cavity!)

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Greg and Heidi said...

Glad to hear it is draining. Prayers from AZ (I know you have a few from these parts!) I hope the pocket will drain out and won't refill! I am sure you know. . . I HATE pleural effusions! So sorry Charlie has this to battle. He looks great!
Hang in there-