Saturday, April 03, 2010

We have drainage!

Well, the suction might have seemed a bit weedy, but it has done the
trick, and Charlie has drained more than 100mls in the last two or
three hours.
This is great news, and we are keeping him moving as much as possible
to try to empty the pocket of fluid as much as we can.
We're still not home and dry though - he will have another x-ray done
tomorrow morning to see what his fluid levels are like. If the fluid
has reduced sinc this morning, they will leave him be.
However, if the fluid has stayed much the same, it will show that he
is still actively draining, and he will have to go back to theatre to
have this chest drain removed and a new one put into a different
location. Obviously we'd rather it didn't come to this, so please keep
hoping and praying for lots of drainage today and a clear x-ray
We're all set for the first episode of the new series of Dr Who
tonight - Charlie's very excited! Hopefully we'll be able to get a
decent signal with the rickety TV aerial we've got here!

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Ann said...

Fantastic on the drainage front, I was wondering how you were going to sneak the Dyson in there, haha!! Hoping and praying now that it keeps draining that puddle out, and that no more is going into the puddle. Looking forward to seeing the TV mention, great idea Kelly!