Saturday, May 08, 2010

Guinea pigs, haircuts and holidays...

We've had a pretty quiet couple of days - Charlie and I went to the GP
yesterday to give them his discharge letter from BCH (better late than
never!) and to get some repeat prescriptions for his medicines. We
were really pleased to bump into our lovely doctor as we arrived - he
was so pleased to see Charlie looking so well and was marvelling at
the wonderful pinkness of his fingernails now!
After a quick trip to the supermarket, we had a lazy afternoon at
home, doing some of Charlie's schoolwork. He's studying common nouns
and proper nouns at the moment. I asked him to tell me an example of
each, to which he replied: 'Well, a common noun would be 'a
grandfather' but a proper noun would be 'Grandpa'!
He was so pleased with himself, and he made me smile too. Dad might
not be here physically, but he's never very far from his little
Charlie-Barley's thoughts.
As you might have guessed from the post title, we're gearing up for a
couple of new members of the family. We (foolishly) promised Charlie a
couple of guinea pigs after he'd had his heart fixed, and
unfortunately, he remembered!
We've got the hutch and all the other requisite bits and bobs, but
aren't getting the guinea pigs until after we get back from our little
break to Center Parcs.
Charlie is SO excited, and has been planning what to call them - if
they're girls, he's calling them Rose and Isabel. (Rose after Dr Who's
erstwhile companion, and I have no idea where Isabel came from!)
If they're boys, he's vacillating between Fred and George (Weasley -
of Harry Potter fame!) or Pinny and Gig (...just swap the initial
letters round!)
So we shall see what we end up with. No doubt numerous pictures will
be forthcoming.
I was VERY pleased today to finally get around to cutting Charlie's
hair. Obviously hairstyling hasn't been high on our list of priorities
lately, but his hair had grown so long, he couldn't see through his
fringe and it was driving me (if not Charlie) round the bend. Will
post a pic of my newly-smart boy tomorrow!
And, as for the final part of the title - it's not long now until
we're off to Center Parcs. Charlie is so excited to be back with Nanny
'full-time' for a few days, and is trying to persuade Pete and me to
leave him and Nanny for some quality one-on-one time!
Well... Oh go on then, Charlie - I've booked us an afternoon in the
spa... but it's only so you can spend time with Nanny! (nothing to do
with the lime and ginger salt scrub massage I've signed up for, of
Well it's late, and I've got a lot to do tomorrow, so goodnight for now!

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