Thursday, May 06, 2010

Post-op appointment

Hi folks - just a quick post to let you know how we got on today - for
some reason I'm really tired, so I'm going to have an early night!
All went extremely well at the hospital today - weight-wise, Charlie
is exactly the same as he was when he was first admitted, his sats are
still happily in the 90s (despite him running up and down the corridor
like a loon beforehand!) and his heart function is terrific.
The doctor also stopped Charlie's evening dose of diuretic, so he only
has it in the morning now. It will be stopped altogether when we see
Dr Onuzo in Cardiff next month. To be honest, the diuretic hasn't been
a problem for Charlie anyway, but it's one less tablet to think about!
He's also been given the all-clear to go back to school on the 17th.
Charlie's pacemaker is working beautifully (you have NO idea how good
it is to be able to say that!) and a few more settings were tweaked
today, which have extended the battery life even further. As of today,
we're running at a conservative estimate of six years. This will
increase further when the final adjustments are made next time.
We popped onto the ward to see everybody, and all the nurses were so
pleased to see Charlie and said how great he's looking, and how much
he's grown. We also dropped in to see Charlie's little friend Zaynab -
he's been talking about her such a lot since we came home, and he was
so glad to be able to see her and make her laugh.
That's about it for now - Pete's in London tomorrow (leaving very
early and gettin back very late) so Charlie and I will be having fun
on our own!
Off to bed now - goodnight all!

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Glad all is going well, Ali - will catch up soon x