Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunny Sunday...

We have had some super hot weather this past few days - Charlie's been in shorts and sandals all weekend, which is fab to see.
He's really enjoying the sun, and has spent quite a lot of time grubbing around in the garden, and playing with his guinea pigs.
And what more can you ask for on a sunny Sunday afternoon, than a comfy deckchair, a sunhat and a good book!
Back to school for him tomorrow - he's only got four days left before half-term, because he has a teacher training day on Friday. Restful school holidays just don't happen in this household - I think Charlie has something to do every single day - day trips with his heart friends, sleepovers at Nanny's, birthday parties... he has such a hectic social life!
Then he's at the hospital here in Cardiff on June 7, for his next outpatient appointment. I know I shouldn't be worried about it, because he's doing so brilliantly, but I'm still not used to this whole post-Fontan normality thing, and keep wondering if I'm missing something major. Call me a paranoid mother, but I'll be very glad when we get the thumbs-up from Dr Onuzo.
The only other exciting bit of news is that we've booked to go back to Disneyland, Paris in July. Charlie can't wait, and we're hoping we might avoid the freezing, snowy conditions we ended up with last time! We thought we'd sneak in another visit quickly, because once Charlie turns seven, he won't go for free any more!
That's about it for now, and Pete's off to Halifax at the crack of dawn tomorrow, so I'd better hit the hay.

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